Guts & Butts


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The Guts & Butts Workout is part of the four part series KETTLEBELL EXPRESS.  It focuses on training movements specific to toning and firming the abdominals and core.  The Kettle Bell is incorporated to challenge the body positions and add more intensity to the exercises.  Controlled movement and an activated core is the key to achieving solid results.

The Kettlebell Express workout series contains four unique workouts that focus on specific fitness goals in maximum time.  The movements are very dynamic and are developed to improve coordination, balance, stamina, and power within the body! The exercises are multi-planer and dynamically functional to give the body a complete and efficient workout. Basic Kettlebell movement principals are a learned and perfected form of art. If performed correctly, the workout will flow from move to move efficiently to sculpt, tone, and shape sexy muscles in no time!

The Kettlebell Express workout will:
- Improve balance, coordination, core control 
- Increase strength, cardiovascular output, flexibility
- Tone, Sculpt, Blast Fat, Maximize time 

Choose from four powerful and complete 15-minute routines:
Dynamic Warm-Up -- dynamic warm up movements in all ranges of motion
Cardio Strength -- Blast fat and burn calories in a non-stop cardiovascular challenge
Guts & Butts -- strengthen and tone with specific movements for the core and glutes
Tight & Toned -- tone, shape, and sculpt lean sexy muscles 
Kettlebell 101 -- teaches the basics of proper Kettlebell technique

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