Hong Kong: Strength & Core with a Towel


The City Series Hong Kong workout will get your body tight, toned, and defined!  Functional strength exercises are combined with use of a hand towel to strengthen, tone, shape, and sculpt a sexy body in no time!  This workout challenges every muscle and range of motion to get the results you want!

Equipment: Hand Towel
Time: 24:02

City Series:
The City Series is a series of dynamic workout videos that were filmed in amazing cities all over the world.  The workouts are diverse and offer different training modalities to choose from such as strength, cardio intervals, athletic performance drills, Plyo Pilates,  mat Pilates, yoga, stretching as well as many others.  The workouts were filmed on location by your truly as I traveled the world to these amazing cities to create effective workouts for the viewer to do anywhere at anytime.  Be entertained by the change in scenery as each city is viewed through my eyes with a great workout to accompany the location.

Enjoy choosing from the City Series and be prepared to achieve the fitness goals you set out to accomplish!  Each video in the series is available for purchase as a downloadable link for use on your handheld device.