Core Strength & Tone


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The Cardio Strength & Tone Workout is part of the five part series PLYO PILATES FUSION EXPRESS.  It is a workout that challenges the body with creative and powerful athletic movements that sculpt the body, blast fat, and burn calories in an efficient use of time.  Plyometric movements are offered as a challenge to intensify the exercises and burn maximal calorie while toning the whole body from head to toe!

Plyo Pilates™ is a truly unique blend of exercises that fuses Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Dance into one powerful and inspiring mat class! Plyometrics are added for increased power and endurance throughout the workout. These movements increase the intensity as well as the calories burned and the special plyometric exercises will train the body to be more explosive and powerful in its movements.  The Pilates Principals are embedded in every movement to align the body, shape your waistline and lengthen your hips and thighs. 

All levels of fitness can experience this dynamic workout at various intensity levels. Plyo Pilates™ is a total body engagement of the mind, the body, and the inner soul through dynamic motion.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will have the choice to challenge your body and mind at your preferred level!

Choose from five creative routines targeted to challenge specific fitness goals:
Flowing Warm-up -- Dynamically flow through different movement patterns that warm-up, strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body throughout each exercise. 

Cardio Strength & Tone -- Blast fat through a creative cardio routine by incorporating strength and toning exercises.  Plyometric movements are introduced to intensify the exercises and burn maximal calories.

Balance & Core Strength -- Perform functional movements that utilize complete core strength and balance.

Firm, Tighten, & Tone -- An exercise series that focuses on firming, tightening, and toning the body from the inside out.

Core & Stretch -- Complete core activation to strengthen all aspects of the torso while lengthening the muscles of the spine.

Signature Moves -- Teaches and prepares the body to learn the specific signature moves.

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