Holiday Edition - Christmas Crunch


Get into the holiday spirit with this dynamic core work-out.  Christmas Crunch is a complete abdominal workout that will shape your core in a concentrated 15 minute mat session with hand weights.

Maximize your time and achieve your workout goals by choosing one workout at a time or experience the entire routine to get an absolutely incredible and fulfilling full body workout.  These fat blasting routines will sculpt a lean, sexy body with minimal equipment and minimal time.  Maria will motivate you with her unique style as she delivers a dynamic workout challenge that will change your body from every angle!

The Groovy Sweat™ Series was created by Maria Sollon Scally MS, CSCS to provide a fun workout routine that maximises time by balancing efficient and effective use of muscles and energy to create a dynamic challenge that shapes, tones and strengthens the body.

Maria has been in the fitness industry inspiring and motivating all walks of life for over 20 years.  Her creative movements and innovative workout programs demonstrate her love and passion for what she does best - inspire people to move their bodies, maximize their physical and mental strength, and increase their performance level within each angle of movement!  Movement is a gift and it must be challenged in all modalities to prevent injury and to sustain a healthy life!

Maria is the sweat behind Groovy Sweat™!

The full video is available for purchase as a downloadable link.  Easily downloaded and added to your music collection to be enjoyed on your mobile device or at home on your television or pc.

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